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Once you build a website, it is not enough to launch it. In case you want to stay afloat and provide your users with a high service level, you need to continually monitor your website’s efficiency and the satisfaction level of your visitors.

For this purpose, we prepared a list of tools to add to your website that will help you control website functionality comprehensively. But first, we will discuss why you should create a website for your business and crucial things to consider when building it.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Apart from a simple but apparent reason that digital presentation is a must, there are dozens of other reasons why you cannot do your business successfully today without a website. Let’s take a look at the advantages of having a website.

Common Mistakes in Creating Websites

Making mistakes for business owners is a way of gaining experience. But some mistakes can be costly. So, if you want to save money, here’s a list of common mistakes you should avoid:

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Essential Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Website

When we have already dealt with mistakes we should not make, let’s consider the points to which we should pay attention. You better don`t ignore them if you want to save time and earn more money.

  • Determine your target audience. It may sound weird, but the proper focus is possible only when you target the right audience. You must evaluate the market and determine your target audience to create a unique user experience (UX) design for your website.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly. If your business doesn’t need a mobile app, it doesn’t mean you can ignore mobile users. Your website must be responsive. Consider the mobile-first approach in mind since most users prefer mobile devices to desktop ones.
  • The role of CTA, or call to action, and clever marketing strategy, in general, is to make users convert (i.e., perform the necessary step). Your website cannot exist without CTAs; they must be present almost on each page but use them right and unobtrusively. Clickable CTA buttons usually fit the website well.

Top 21 Website Tools Examples You Must Use For A Full-Fledged Functionality

Now we are discussing the tools your website must have if you want it to succeed. Remember that not all will be appropriate for your website at once. Besides, some types of websites won’t ever need specific tools from this list. But let’s not beat around the bush.

Best Tools For Site Analysis

The first tool in our list is the Hotjar tool. It is considered to be one of the most popular tools today. Hotjar helps website owners analyze the behavior of users and understand what users need. The Hotjar platform will allow you to see your target audience’s demands, increase conversions, detect and remove mistakes, etc.

This tool is perfect for its practicality and usefulness. You don’t need to guess how users behave on your website — you see an actual heatmap of users’ actions and clicks. You can collect feedback from users and contact them in real-time mode.

A Lead Form is a tool from Google that is necessary for your website to let visitors contact you quickly. Users fill out the form to indicate their contact information, like email and phone number (if required), and send their inquiries.

So, this is a straightforward but must-have tool that makes your visitors convert into leads. But make sure that there are no unnecessary fields since they can discourage users.

Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a free web service for adding and verifying indexing status and further site optimization. This tool is used by both professionals for successful SEO promotion of the website and by newbies due to simple algorithms and a straightforward interface. GSC uses a Search Analytics sub-tool that helps select the strategy for rapid traffic growth.

You can monitor SERP (search engine results page) as a website owner when users input related keywords. Also, you can find out whether your website has indexing problems. And it is not a complete list of features; there are many other valuable functions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another tool used by every second website. The tool is designed for visitors’ behavior analysis on websites and apps. GA is a must-have tool for website owners and Internet marketers contributing to website SEO promotion.

Google Analytics allows you to monitor visitors’ actions, calculate conversions, conduct A/B testing, analyze the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns, etc. Today GA remains one of the best tools for websites.

Crazy Egg is an analytical web application that helps you form heatmaps. It will help you identify how users interact with your website. The tool generates heatmaps, showing where users made more clicks. Thus, you know where you need to focus. Also, the tool has scroll maps (how users scroll down the page, where they stop), an overlay tool (the number of clicks on your website), and a Confetti report (you see where visitors clicked on your website and what made them do it).

It is not a plugin or tool but a beneficial service with multiple capabilities. Ahrefs is a robust SEO tool that can perform competitor analysis (you will know everything about competitors’ growth), keyword analysis, content analysis, organic traffic monitoring, and website audit. The latter is used for the improvement of your website, and optimization of available functionalities.

Another toolkit for website owners and SEO specialists. It is used for website rank tracking (website popularity), SEO audit, backlinks monitoring (external links that lead to your website), competitor analysis, report builder, and marketing plan builder.

Moreover, SE Ranking makes it possible to use the White Label feature — create your corporate style following brand identity. Therefore, SE Ranking is a service you must use since it provides you with your website’s detailed analytics.

Captcha On Forms

Captcha is a tool you probably know since it is widespread protection from spammers. Remember when you entered a website, and the system asked you to input figures or letters written on the image to confirm that you are not a bot? It is a must-have tool if your website has a form to fill out. When users fill it out, they confirm that they are humans — it will prevent your website from being spammed.

There are captchas available from different companies; you can choose the one that meets your needs.

Social media is a robust advertising channel, so we cannot ignore it. Hootsuite is a tool for social media management, and you can manage various social media channels to promote your business.

Hootsuite makes it possible to monitor social media and find mentions of your company and your competitors, schedule messaging to send messages 24/7; analyze your team’s performance level (how it solves issues related to social media channels). You need this tool if you use social media for your business presentation. Apart from Hootsuite, there are services like Buffer, Later, and other services that also have exciting features.

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO and Website Optimization

WP plugins can be installed easily on your WordPress website. We want to list four popular plugins that are worth your attention.

It is the first plugin that helps your website rank higher in search results. Yoast SEO is an SEO plugin with an extensive range of features like URLs and meta tags, such as SEO improvements, XML sitemaps, meta descriptions, title templating, etc. Also, your website starts loading faster due to the advanced way of managing data in WordPress.

It is an essential tool to provide your customers with an answer to their questions. Easy FAQs lets you set up a FAQ page in a few minutes. You can insert a list of your FAQs in one or more categories or add a FAQ page on any page or sidebar.

Schema is a code snippet that provides Google and other search engines with more detailed information about your website. WP Schema plugin allows you to create more attractive and helpful user search results. Using WP Schema, your website will get more relevant results, leading to increased traffic.


It is a plugin that simplifies the management and tracking of Google Analytics data. MonsterInsights allows you to monitor all necessary data on the WordPress website. It has all the required analytics functions: user data tracking, events, and statistics monitoring.

Social Media Pixels

A pixel is a snippet of code embedded into your website, allowing tracking of user movements and behavior. And social media pixels are targeted at learning user behavior in social media channels.

There are two most popular pixels: Facebook And LinkedIn. Facebook pixel makes it possible to find out demographic data like gender, age, location, etc. LinkedIn pixel is perfect for B2B businesses. You will get all valuable information about visitors like company name, size, job titles, functions, etc. Pixels allow you to track conversions as well, considering your custom settings.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is closely linked to pixels — we recommend installing Google Tag Manager to use social media pixels. GTM is a system for managing JavaScript and HTML with tags, and the involvement of developers is not required.

GMT enables data sending to Google Analytics, AppsFlyer, and other analytics systems; for example, you can place custom HTML scripts on your website for banner display. Or for A/B testing.

As a large amount of web traffic is made up of images today. And you need a tool for image optimization and compression to speed up the website’s performance. Kraken is the right tool to use. It is possible to optimize images in two ways: using an URL of the image or uploading the image directly to API. The main advantage of is that it doesn’t impact image quality, and it still remains high after compression.

A cloud-driven solution that helps you evaluate whether cookies on your website meet GDPR and CCPA requirements. The system imitates a user behavior on the page, following links and menu buttons, and collects data about cookies. The bot automatically creates and updates the policy of working with cookie files, and it displays a banner for users where they can consent to personal data processing.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a tool included in an extensive HubSpot toolkit (it covers all Internet marketing fields, including SEO, content management, blogs, sales tools, etc.). HubSpot CRM is a high-functional and accessible solution for customer relationship management.

It allows you to store customers’ contact details in the database, their organizations, and bargains data; you can track where a new customer came from and the history of their activity; communicate with customers, schedule calls and meetings with customers, receive tickets from customers, etc.

You need a CRM system to keep track of all your customers and store their information in one place. You can find out more in our article about CRM definition and its advantages for businesses.

Sumo is a toolset that makes it possible to increase traffic, generate social engagement, and increase conversion rate. It allows you to add share buttons for social media, let users share images from your website with Image Sharer features, and share highlighted text parts using Highlighter. Then, you can use List Builder to create pop-ups with CTAs to sign up and subscribe.

Then, Sumo is used for integration with Google Analytics. You can deal with content analytics and heatmaps as well. Based on this, Sumo is an all-in-one tool you must consider.

Disqus is a blog comment hosting service required for comment management. It helps keep users engaged on your website with a better-commenting experience. Also, you can set up notifications for users to keep them loyal and motivate them to return to your website. Besides, SEO ranking can be improved with user-generated content. Finally, Disqus even has an anti-spam filter to protect your site from spammers.

Chatbot Services

And, of course, you need chatbots for your website. Chatbots will communicate with customers 24/7, and they will help generate more potential customers, boost their engagement, and make your sales grow. You can use many chatbot services, but we can recommend two of the most popular and convenient ones — Intercom and Crisp. These live chat services will help you build tighter relationships with customers and let your sales grow.

If you don’t know what tools fit your website better, you need a consultation with specialists. Contact Cadabra Studio and share your concerns.

Another Secret Of Successful Website Development

But even the list of tools above won’t be enough if your website was created in the wrong way by non-qualified specialists. The first thing you need to do is find a qualified design and development team to build your website considering all particularities.

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