Top Pandemic-Friendly Ideas for Small Businesses

It has already been a year since a COVID-19 pandemic started, and much has changed in the business. Now we see an updated picture, so it is time to create products and services relevant in terms of pandemic and modern trends.

We would like to highlight the top pandemic-friendly business ideas. The list is based on the trendy small business ideas for pandemic reality within the USA and beyond.

Idea #1. Sport and health applications

The pandemic restrictions have resulted in an interruption of everyday routines, meaning that many people take less care of their health. People couldn’t go to the gyms, run, and train due to restrictions. It has led to the increased search for all sorts of content related to sport and health applications to obtain some extra inspiration.

To start your business in the niche of healthcare and sports applications, consider making yoga apps, health record apps, or healthy meals apps to help people get in better shape, track exercise performance, check results, etc.

More than 3% of the apps available in the App Store are sport and health applications. This niche became especially popular during the pandemic and continues to be on-trend. Our studio is experienced in developing and designing healthcare apps, so we are always ready to offer effective solutions to your business ideas. Contact us to find out more.

Idea #2. Coworking areas

More and more people are working online; obviously, they need a place outside the home to work. It leads to high demand for coworking areas — places where anyone can find temporary or permanent workspaces. To start such a business, you need to find non-residential premises or offices in the city centers. Then, repair the premises, buy necessary equipment (tables, chairs, etc.) for comfortable usage.

Also, you need a promotion, so people know about the services you offer. Having a website is a great solution. It helps people find your coworking areas quickly, check relevant information, book workspaces, and contact you. An impressive website helps your business sell services better.

If you consider this type of business and create a website, the results will be visible very soon. Many companies have completely switched to the online format. People need alternative places for productive work due to pandemics, so the coworking areas are an excellent example of a post-pandemic business idea.

Idea #3. Posture corrector devices

While you are reading this article, pay attention to your posture. Do you sit upright? We spend too much time using smartphones or sitting in front of computers. It causes problems with the back and the proper distribution of the load on it. Therefore, the necessity of posture correction becomes obvious.

A posture corrector device is a device for unloading, fixing, and correcting the spine, normalizing muscle tone. The demand for such a device has increased in recent months — about 74,000 searches in Google. However, the device is not difficult to manufacture; the niche is relatively free. People gradually realize the importance of correct posture, so producing and selling such devices are new pandemic business ideas.

Idea #4. Care cosmetics for men

Cosmetics for men is a promising business idea. In particular, beard care cosmetics. The men's cosmetics market has great potential. If you are already engaged in the production and sale of cosmetics, take note of the man’s beard’s care cosmetics.

A good idea is to create a service like Dollar Shave Club, where men buy a subscription plan and use all necessary goods. If you start your own business, think of creating such a platform that helps you jump on this trendy bandwagon faster. Cadabra Studio knows how to build functional and user-friendly platforms, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Idea #5. Food trucks

The restaurant industry’s business failure rate is 80–90%, but if you are interested in business development in this area, pay attention to food trucks, which have a failure rate of only 10–20%. With a significant number of pandemic restrictions, people can only dine out. Instead, food trucks work only in a “to-go” format that makes them an excellent post-pandemic business idea to consider.

To start such a business, you need to rent a truck, work out the menu and study all legal permits for selling the street food. In the United States, a common practice among food trucks is selling meals closer to lunchtime in downtown areas and business centers. During this period, the demand is exceptionally high.

If you want to spread the smell of your tasty food around the city, think of creating a food delivery app. Also, find out how you can start a food delivery business and build an on-demand app with our comprehensive guide.

Idea #6. Reusable packs

Global pollution with plastic wastes is an ongoing topic nowadays. To reduce plastic bag usage, supermarkets encourage people to carry shopping bags instead of buying plastic ones. And here is the idea.

If you feel inspired to start producing reusable bags, you need to play on the strains of people’s souls — make your reusable bags stylish, compact and functional. Currently, the niche is small, so this idea for a business is very promising.

Idea #7. “Smart” clothes

Smart technologies are now an integral part of our lives. We have smart home systems and gadgets, but the niche of smart things is at the beginning of demand. Multifunctional body shirts for travelers with collars that turn into a pillow, compartments for earplugs, and water bottles — this is what sets smart things apart from the casual.

By 2024, this market is expected to reach $4bln. When you decide to do such a business, we recommend studying the current supply market and analyzing the trends in demand. “Smart clothes” is the result of a collaboration between a fashion designer and an engineer. If you have effective solutions and ready to bring them to life, this niche is waiting for you.

Idea #8. Travel consultations

If you are not very interested in producing men’s cosmetics or combining technology and clothes, you can consider travel consulting as a business idea for the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a thing: American tourists have an exciting practice — when they travel a lot, they accumulate miles for their trips. For every dollar spent on an air ticket, a tourist receives from 1–5 miles to a particular card.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many people have accumulated 200,000–300,000 miles but can’t use all of them. Travel consulting agencies offer a solution: they buy these miles and resell them to tourists interested in buying air tickets for a low price. If this idea inspires you, write a business plan and go ahead! We can cover the technical side of this business. Get in touch with the Cadabra Studio team to build a unique website or app for travel business.

Idea #9. Drones

We bet you’ve already heard about drone market possibilities. But what if we say that drones are one of the most trendy business ideas for the COVID-19 pandemic?

The area of using drones is much broader than just taking beautiful photos and videos. Drones are used in delivery, agriculture, and construction. During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the drone market reached $100 bln revenue in America. You can be a part of this market. Choose the area that suits you, hire Cadabra Studio to build a website for selling the drones, and start doing the “flying” business!

Keep Optimistic Vision For Future

We all have faced downturns in one or another way because of the global pandemic. But staying optimistic and progressive can help to deal with this crisis. What is the best business during a lockdown? The above-discussed business ideas are easy to adapt to the current market, so it’s up to you to choose.

If you are anxious about safe business ideas and how to go ahead with one of them, feel free to contact the Cadabra Studio team.



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