How Can a Mascot Character Increase Brand Awareness?

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We all exist under harsh market conditions, and every business needs unique design solutions and tools that can distinguish its products or services from the crowd of competitors. Moreover, these should be light and unobtrusive options that, nevertheless, leave a lasting impression.

Mascot design has been building the reputation of various brands for decades, conveying their values and shaping their identity. The best mascot design ideas become iconic examples of successful advertising and marketing.

What Is the App Mascot and How Does It Differ From Logo Design?

A few more examples of mascot logo design from the digital world

I think all Android users are familiar with the green robot; it plays the role of both a mascot and a brand emblem. And also, of course, all developers know Octocat from the treasury of knowledge — GitHub..

I wonder who you remembered first? Maybe the red lion Lingualeo, which helps to learn foreign languages? This is also a great example of a memorable and successful mascot logo design.

Sometimes the mascot acts as an assistant. Microsoft Office users should remember — a paper clip whose purpose was to help first-time users quickly understand the program. This is an excellent example of mascot design when the character supports and assists users.

Why Create a Mascot Design for a Brand?

A well-designed mascot logos are an integral part of a brand’s personality. They have a huge impact on the brand and its further evolution, whether they are used for , mobile applications, or print products. It helps businesses reach completely new heights of awareness and memorability. So let’s look at the benefits of such characters in more detail.

  • Mascot design demonstrates your business values, as well as the services and products you offer, without a single word. One look is enough to understand exactly what the brand sells and why the client should choose it.
  • Mascot logos help to establish a solid relationship with the target audience and increase loyalty and trust. It can set an associative link between the type of service and your brand. As soon as the client feels the need for a certain service, he will immediately think about your business.
  • A successful mascot logo design is a valuable brand asset that can be actively used in marketing campaigns.
  • A custom mascot design supports brand identity , providing a serious competitive advantage in a fast-changing market. Among five identical products or service providers, the client will always choose the option that is the most recognizable, therefore, feels familiar.
  • High-quality and creative mascot design makes any brand timeless. Cult mascots continue to broadcast the values of companies beyond time and any limitations.
  • Mascot design can be an element of gamification of the user interface to make user onboarding easier and faster and the process of using the product more fun, engaging, and convenient. It is an integral part of a quality user experience.

Features of Professional Mascots

Let’s consider the Ukrainian bank brand: MONO bank, which is modern and youthful. The brand’s mascot is a little lazy and cool cat. The cat appears as soon as you open the application on your phone . Thanks to gamification, using the bank is fun and easy.

Key Takeaways

  • A successful mascot design is about a strong concept based on the product features that should be embodied in the character.
  • The best mascot design ideas support the brand’s value and set it apart from the competition.
  • When creating a mascot logo design, it is worth searching the target audience, its needs, and wishes. It must “click” with the users’ feelings and emotions.
  • Mascot design and logo design are different things, but mascots very often become part of the logo, as well as other components of the brand style. Therefore, making it flexible and providing room for customization or change is essential.
  • Character design is an important component of UI/UX design that makes the process of using digital products gamified, more engaging, and fun.

Mascot Design With a Personality From Cadabra Studio

Let’s go through the mascot design process step by step.

Character creation

First, we must know everything about the customer’s company, its positioning in the market, and the message that the leading brand character will broadcast.

For example, the White Rabbit design company asked us to create mascot logo for the brand. Judging by the company’s name, it is already clear who it will be — a white rabbit, of course. But what is his character?

We make the first sketches and try to catch the emotion.

The client liked the more humanized (human-like) images (c and d), namely the slightly carefree, a little bit lazy, and creative character d.

Cool, let’s move on.

Character sculpturing

At this stage, we have to draw a static figure of the character, main angles, details, mood, and feelings.

What we’ve got?

We’ve got a rabbit that is as white as a blank sheet of paper. The client’s company provides startup development and design services for various young brands.

Last touches

Finally, our white rabbit came to life and gives emotions to all users of the company’s web page. We’ve even created a small comic strip from the life of the white rabbit.


If you need a unique character design that would convey a specific message and draw attention to your product, we will create it for you. So book a free consultation and get more info on this topic.

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