5 Tips How to Choose The Best Design Studio Partner

It might be really difficult when it comes to choosing the right design studio for your future project. Let’s be honest! It is even scaring. You see a wide range of studios who offer services in the design industry, so it’s important if you have a good understanding of what you need, before you begin your research. Here we share some smart tips for making sure you pick the right design studio for your needs — team that will work perfectly for your business and become not just a partner, but even a best friend in the future.

Understand clearly what you need

Sounds obvious, but you’d be confused and shocked how many startup approach a project without really considering what it entails. Even when you have a pretty good vision about your product, it will be better to create a list of needs and developing priorities. You should identify goals for your project as well. Branding has to have a structure to work for your success and fast growth. And the brand look that your business has gone deeper than this, it needs to be structured. Discuss what you want your project to achieve: high sales, rising leads, great achievement. Try to be realistic concerning your budget and deadlines.

Estimate budget

Now you know what kind of website you want. Let’s set a budget. Although quality is priceless, again your budget is not unlimited. Don’t try to save on marketing. It can bring you loss in the future. The website is the mirror on the global scene. Visitors get the first impression of your company by visiting your web page. It will bring you good effort if your website will be professionally attractive.

Understand usability approach

You need to see the main focus of design studio working approach. Organize open discussion and make sure that team is focused on the user. Without it studio may build a site such one you like or team likes, but that visitors find confusing or difficult to use. True professionals always behave gratefully when they hear questions from customers. Best designers today sparkle your curiosity and focus on UX at first, they share experience, opinions and latest research. All this data will be opened to you to see.

Make friends with designers’ team

To check is always better than to make a blind choice. Meet a team to make friends with members and to form right collaboration strategy. Even if members are far from you and studio is based in another country you can use social media for staying in touch. Make sure that it is not a team of freelancers who have never worked together before. You will look for a team of specialists for a website with serious goals. If the team consists of 2 people, ask about their ability to handle your project. Best answer should be that the entire team is in-house and works together on similar projects all the time. The majority of companies that make websites have established their business online and it does not really matter where they are located. Good quality and price would be a full score. So, whether the company is from USA, UK or Ukraine — it should not be of that much importance to you, except if you insist on meeting people personally.

Portfolio and testimonials

Сase studies and portfolio are great resources to determine designer’s skills. You can find in social media people who already collaborated with the studio and ask them what they think and how their experience was. It will give you a good reference point for what the studio can provide you. It’s important in these cases to not only look at the quality of the design but also the functionality of the websites. Portfolio indicates the orientation of a web design company. After discovering all the details above, if a portfolio fits your needs, if the price is reasonable and the studio has worked with famous brands, you should definitely go for it.

We are sure there is a voice that speaks to you, something ‘just click’, your instinct tells you ‘Yup!’ and you feel founding right ones! If you want to see if we are a great fit for your needs, get in touch with Cadabra Studio today to find out how we can help you with your project.

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